Countries, Regions, and Districts

Okay, so right now I’m working on my fantasy story Tá Súil, and I’m coming up with all this different stuff having to do with the country that it takes place in. The reason I’m coming up with it? Well, it’s fantasy. So, thank goodness, I don’t have to do hours and hours of researching about something that’s real. I just have to spend hours and hours of coming up with something that’s fake instead. ;)

Anyway, so I’m just kind of making it weird. You know, because fantasy tends to be that way. And by weird, I don’t mean dragons that come from other planets, plants that do magic things to people, and freaky enchantments kind of weird. I mean just…weird. Like, I’m using words for things that technically don’t fit. They just sound cool.

Like, within the country are regions. And falling between and on and around random regions are districts, which are basically little worlds with different cultures and types of people depending on what they’re called. Like there’s a Common District, where the Commoners live.

One of the things I love about writing fantasy is that you don’t tell history. You make it. And another thing, you don’t write to please other people. You write to please God. I think that’s really comforting, because then I don’t have to try living up to other people’s standards. I can just write what God inspires me to write…and I don’t have to worry about the rest.

I hope that fact helps you in whatever hobby you have. ;)


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