light up the night

Sometimes I think that as Christians, we’ve gotten it into our heads that standing out is bad. Like, being different because you’re a Christian is somehow destroying your chances of winning people over for Christ. I mean, I think that way all the time. But you know, I think it’s actually the opposite.

You know, I’ve heard some people say that we need to infiltrate the secular world so we don’t scare people away with dos and don’ts and radical Christianity. And maybe that’s right. To an extent. Because beyond that we begin to copy the world, and what difference do people see?

It’s like when night falls in the winter and we want to draw the attention of the weary travelers wandering the road, to welcome them in, to seat them by our fire. To share Jesus with them. But everyone else has their lights off, and if we turn off ours to avoid offending people, how will anyone know who we are?

I say we should light up the night for the lost. We should be candles in the dark, leading people back to the One who created light in the beginning. I say let’s shine for Jesus.


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