Cailín’s Life Unfolding

Well, I drew Cailín and now I’m writing her story. I thought it was about time. Anyhow, ya’ll are lucky because today you get two previews. Number one is, as you can see, my sketch of the prince dude in Tá Súil. So, there’s his other eye. ;)


Okay, and next is about poor Cinderella. Or, actually, Ashcailín, which is my half-English, half-Irish name for “ash girl.” Here’s a preview of what I’ve been writing today:

I remain silent, unable to think of a reply yet not feeling that I must. I somehow feel at ease with this stranger, for if he pulled me from the river then he mustn’t wish to harm me now. “Thank you,” I tell him softly. “For saving me.”

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed! ;)


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