The Army of Eight Thousand

Okay, so when I’m writing a story I get to a certain point where I’m like, “I’m going to write this,” or I’m like, “I’m not going to write this.” It’s pretty simple. I just look at what I have, look at what I don’t have, and decide if it’s worth continuing. But when I do get to the point where I say, “This is amazing and I HAVE to write it NOW!” it’s pretty exciting.

Especially when it happens with a story that I’ve taken the time to sketch the main characters of. Like Tá Súil. Today, an army of 8,000 words busted in and chased away the doubts I had about finishing this story! I’m so excited, and I hope you guys enjoy the preview I have included below. ;)

I feel the breath go from me at what my eyes behold. Shining down from a pure blue sky is the sun, bright like fire upon the emerald lawns of the Great House. It is a beautiful sight, and a rare one in Éadrom. As I ponder the reason why the sun shines directly upon Caip Girhil, it is brought to my memory that today is Autumn Tide, the one day all year that the sun rises to shine over Tá Súil and upon the Royal people of Éadrom.

Just to clarify a few things, Caip Girhil (pronounced Cape Geer-HILL) is the capital region of Éadrom (pronounced A as in “hay” – uh – DRUM) and it sits right near Tá Súil, the Peak of Hope. In fact, the main city of Caip Girhil actually dwells in the shadow of the mountains. So, on this fantasy, wacky day I made up called “Autumn Tide,” the sun rises so high that it shines over the mountains directly onto the city.

I hope that all makes sense. ;)


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