The Fairy Godmother

Hello there! I have reached 12,000 words in Tá Súil, and have managed to introduce my fairy godmother character. Only, she’s not a fairy, and she’s not a godmother. But anyway, she’ll have the same kind of role. I mean, why bother to retell Cinderella if I don’t write it a little differently? ;)

Anyway, here’s a preview of what I’ve been working on, and I hope you guys enjoy!

The trouble of it is, that I feel a longing deep inside me. I am not certain of what it’s for, only that it has something to do with the memory of my friend’s eyes. So dark, yet so full of light. It would seem that they are the brightest eyes I ever have seen, despite the fact that I have been raised with women whose eyes are bluer than the skies of Autumn Tide.


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