Brave, Laziness, & Everyday Life

Hello, everyone! I’ve been sorta lazy about blogging lately, I know. I’ve been so busy with, well…everyday life. Shopping, fall allergies, etc. But amidst it all, I got my hands on Disney’s Queen Elinor doll from the movie Brave. While I was a little disappointed with the film itself, I have been impressed with the dolls. I had previously purchased Merida, and was so pleased with how authentic she was that I wanted Elinor too. But, you know, one doll from a movie I’m not a total fan of was enough.

Until I dropped by my local Disney store and saw Elinor for $8! Yeah, almost 50% off of her original $14.95 price tag. So I got her, and I am not disappointed so far. Well, except for the fact that several of her joints seem a little defective. But I hope to tell you guys more about it in a future doll review! :)



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