Slow Going

Okay, so today I finally just threw aside whatever things were grabbing my attention away from my writing and wrote! It wasn’t much, but I wrote, and that’s what counts. Whenever it seems like every force in the world is trying to keep my fingers from the keyboard I know that God has something really special for me to write. Even if I don’t see it. Tip to writers: When in doubt, just sit down and write. That’s what I tell my sister – she’s a writer too, you see. And you know, that advice has served both of us well for years.

But anyway, I thought you all might like to have a preview of what I’ve been working on. ;)

I nod to her. We stand like that for a moment, coming to a silent kind of agreement, before she turns with a sweep of her silken black cloak and strides off into the shadows. I scan the roads for any sign of company, and when I am satisfied that I am alone, I start for the city gates.

And, I will be unveiling my character sketch for the prince very soon, so keep an eye out! Oh, and by the way, the “she” in that preview is the fairy godmother character. Just FIY. ;)


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