Hold On.

Okay, so Alice in Wonderland is strange. You know, it always has been. But whoever said that strange and meaningful can’t go together? Well, they most certainly do in the 2010 adaption of Alice in Wonderland with Mia Wasikowska and Johnny Depp, and though I’m not like an official fan I did appreciate the message of this movie. Dream big. Identity is built by living. Do the impossible.

And you know, right around the same time I first saw the movie, I was listening to a song called “Hold On,” which is by one of my favorite Christian artists, Phil Wickham. The opening lines of the song kept going through my mind when I watched the end battle scene of the movie, and I kept picturing a special graphic combining the two. So, I gathered the lyrics of the song, a picture from the movie, and my Photoshop knowledge and created this. I hope you like! ;)


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