Anna’s Rival

Well, as you all know, I recently bought Disney’s Classic Anna doll from Frozen. And as I’ve said, I really really like her. I always will. She’s a wonderful and cute addition to my doll collection. But you know, there have been dolls I’ve wanted more, while not having the opportunity to buy them.

Until now. I had previously looked into Ellowyne Wilde dolls by Tonner, but most of the dolls I saw currently for sale didn’t impress me. Except one that was sold out. And I recently happened upon her for sale on eBay and snapped her up. I am very glad to have this doll, and I can hardly wait for her to arrive.

I am also looking forward to posting pictures. I know I’ve been bad about not posting doll reviews in the past, but this is one collector’s item that I will make time to photograph. So poor Anna and Queen Elinor will have to wait to be reviewed. Hopefully Anna won’t be too envious of her new rival. :P

The cool thing about this is, that my initial review will not be the last. What I mean is, that this Ellowyne doll has a removable wig, and therefore I will be buying more for her to wear. One of my favorite parts of collecting dolls is styling the hair, comparing the quality of it, and so on, which makes this a very fun opportunity. As I collect different types of wigs, I hope to post lots of reviews! ;)


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