Back to Square One (sort of)

Well, folks, it looks like I’m going back to the beginning. That is, that I’m going to redraw my character sketches for Tá Súil. I know, isn’t that awful? Yeah, well, I didn’t think I’d have to. But after I drew Cailín, I started working on Jacquaire and immediately knew that the quality of his sketch would be better than Cailín’s. It was disappointing and exciting, because Cailín’s sketch would have to be redone, though I began to learn knew elements of shading. Or, maybe not learn. But master.

But then, when I was done with Jacquaire, I saw things that I wished I’d done better. Lots of things. So many that I knew I couldn’t modify this sketch. I’d have to make a new one. And as for Cailín, as I’ve written the novel and reached over 23,000 words in it (disqualifying it for the Five Glass Slippers contest in the process), I’ve realized how different Cailín is than I thought. You know, as I’ve gotten to know her character I realize that she’s tougher than I took her for. Based on that toughness, I realized I could create a really unique Cinderella character – something different than what’s ever been done.

That sounds almost cool, doesn’t it? Yeah, well I’m sure people have done this with Cinderella before. But I haven’t seen it done often, so I think I’m safe. So anyway, I’m going to make Cailín unlike the typical Disney princess idea that most people think of when they hear the name “Cinderella.” She’s not going to be the type that submissively does her work (keeping her hairdo perfect in the process), dreaming and singing of the day when her prince will come (before the impersonal prince-type-guy does come and they fall in love within a few seconds of the story).

No, sirree. This Cinderella is going to be tough, resigned, with a streak of rebellion that works against her Prince Charming. And as for him, I’m hoping that I’ve done a good enough job with his character that my readers will really understand why Cailín falls in love with him in the first place. ;)

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, I thought I’d go ahead and show you guys my sketch of Jacquaire. I’ve put it off and forgotten about it for far too long, and even though I’m redoing it, I thought you guys should see this one now. So, here it is, and I hope you like it. XD


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