Frozen Adventures

Hello, everyone! Finally getting to see Frozen in theaters! Yeah, I’m pretty excited. I’m also nervous, though. Yeah, I know, right? I know I’ll like it, but I’ve always been for not spending money on something you’re going to regret in the long run. And I don’t usually take chances on seeing movies in theaters. I mean, what if I end up hating a movie? Then it’s kind of a waste.

But, I’ve heard lots of positive reviews for Frozen, and I think it’s really cool that Disney’s going for a more substantial message with it. I’ve always thought that stories centered solely on romance between a guy and a girl tend to be a little pointless. But I totally dig the sister thing, having such awesome sisters of my own. ^.^

But I’ll let you know how I like it. Also, you can offer my dolls congratulations for having completed two posts for Likeness of Life – all on their own!


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