What Can Thaw a Frozen Heart?

Only an act of true love, according to a troll from Disney’s Frozen. Yes, I’ve finally seen the movie. And though it was like culture shock, going from the usual “someday my prince will come” movie to something so tragic and deep, I loved nearly everything about it. The Norwegian-inspired culture and score, the surprising plot twists, the fabulous voice acting, emotionally moving songs, and heartbreaking moments threaded with hope.

Yes, there were things I would have changed. Things I think could have been better or left out altogether. But the overall message is thrilling to me: That even the power to turn things to ice can be beautiful if it is used in love and not anger. That it’s not the comfortable, perfect feelings of fondness that last, but the hard love that proves itself silently and, many times, sacrificially.

And though there is a hint of the “don’t judge a book by its cover” theme, there is a clear distinction between good and evil — between snap judgements and justice. All of this to say, my new favorite Disney princess is Anna, who can be considered an excellent role model for little girls who love Disney movies. It was not a waste of money in the least to see it in theaters.

So, to demonstrate my appreciation of Frozen, I have created a graphic with my favorite quote from the movie and some cool (pun intended) screen captures. Hope you enjoy! ;)


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