Dolls, Dolls, and More Dolls

Hey, guys! I’m afraid I don’t have any art projects to show you right now, but I hope to soon. I’ve just been super preoccupied. Part of what’s got me busy is my “doll research,” as I like to call it. It’s the nice way of saying “dolls-and-anything-doll-related” obsession. No, I’m kidding. I’m not obsessed. It’s just that ever since I was little I loved looking at, and playing with, dolls.

But there was always this frustration that my dolls weren’t very posable, not all that pretty, and not really realistic. That’s because all they had for the longest time were Barbies with five points of articulation: neck, shoulders, and hips. But then they starting making the Fashionistas (some of which, I just found out, aren’t fully articulated anymore). I still remember the day my first Fashionista came in the mail. Even though some people might say I was too old for dolls by then, I was still glowing with excitement.

I named her Shiloh.

I named her Shiloh.

That was before I found out about Tonner and Ellowyne Wilde. They were huge! They were amazingly pretty! They actually had normal-looking bodies! Well, most of them. I really wanted one, but the price tag seemed completely insane. Then I found out about BJDs. But I quickly forgot about them because I didn’t understand what they were, nor did I want too. The pictures I saw all seemed weird and honestly, quite creepy.

So I put them on the back burner and continued to invest in Barbies and other play dolls. But one day I started thinking about fashion dolls again, and weeks of research later, I was in love with Ellowyne Wilde. Unfortunately, the one doll I really, really liked was no longer available. Returned to the back burner. But finally I found Noelle, and I broke down and bought her.

But at the same time, I kept researching BJDs, which I continued to do on and off for years. Lately, I started thinking about them again. Back to the researching. Hours and hours and hours of searching later, I think I found the perfect doll for me. She is a Minifee Shushu and now she’s at the top of my dolly wish list. While I’m not eager to plunk down a few hundred dollars for a doll, I know from my research that a Minifee would be worth it. So, maybe a birthday or Christmas present? ;)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post — hope it wasn’t too boring! :)


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