Who Was First?

I have heard many people say which Disney Princess movie was the first to teach girls they don’t need a man to save them. But it’s not the one you might think. It’s not Frozen, it’s not Brave. It isn’t even Mulan. Check out my latest graphic to see what the true answer is. ;)


15 thoughts on “Who Was First?

    • Belle from Beauty and the Beast was first. She told Gaston to shove it, traded places with her father to save his life, stood up to the Beast when no one else did and taught him how a prince should act. Plus she was literate in a time when smart women got called “witches” and burned at the stake!

      • You’re so right. I actually made this post quite a few years ago and have no idea why I didn’t include Belle. She’s actually my favorite Disney princess because I think she’s the most brave. Also the picture was intended to be funny, not 100% accurate lol. But you make a really good point :)

      • Beauty and the Beast came out in 1991, whereas the Little Mermaid came out in 1989. So Little mermaid was still first.

  1. The Little Mermaid came out in 1989, Pocahontas in 1995, Mulan in 1998, then of course Brave in 2012 and Frozen in 2013. I actually made this edit going from the most recent release to the oldest. :)

  2. Please don’t include Ariel. She didn’t loose her legs. She gave up her fins to get legs. She was so man hungry she made a deal that eventually put the whole ocean at risk. Her father sacrificed himself to save her. Then Eric had to eventually rescue her. That girl was so hopelessly stupid that she needed two men to save her.

  3. Hi.
    Just wanted to leave a comment because this upsets me…
    Ariel did save Eric’s life (I think twice) but HE saved the world from Ursula which Ariel obviously DIDN’T.
    She couldn’t even save herself from the curse as she had the whole world to help her.

    By the way: If you look at the subject, you’ll see that Mulan, Merida and Pocahontas might be fitting but Ariel… not really. (Already said why not.)
    And seriously now: You think saving men is the same as saving yourself? I think we already stated that that misses the point…
    But to Pocahontas’ defence, I must say that she brought peace to two cultures who once were enemies. That’s cool too, isn’t it? It’s one of the films to show that you don’t even have to be tomboyish like Mulan or Merida to go up in the world.

    So, I think THAT’S the final order:
    1. Mulan
    2. Pocahontas
    3. Merida
    4. Frozen

    [ P.S.: Frozen’s hype and the “Frozen is the first movie to” s*** is totally annoying.
    Could you just calm down? It’s just a movie! You don’t have to make that many fan articles because of that! ]

    • The edit isn’t intended to definitively state which princess was first to save herself, but rather as an argument between the princesses on who, generally speaking, was not just a damsel in distress. I meant it to be humorous, not factual. You make a good point, but one thing to remember is that if Ariel hadn’t saved Eric, he wouldn’t have been alive to save the world. I don’t think being strong is just about saving yourself, and to me the edit is contradicting “needing a man to save you” with “the princess saving the man.” Hope this makes sense. XD

  4. Brave is the only movie where she doesn’t lust over a man at all. That is why it is definitely the most powerful movie.

    • I do appreciate the lack of romance with Merida in Brave as I think it’s overemphasized in Disney movies. Although, I don’t think the attraction between the characters is always necessarily lust…

  5. Actually it’s Moana. All the other movies did have men in them, and romance. Moana returned the heart of Tafiti very much independently of any kind of romance. No Eric, no Captain, no Beast (as much as I love Belle), no Kristoff… the answer is Moana.

    • You have a point there! Funny enough I actually did this edit a while before Moana came out, lol… 😝 But I think it’s worth mentioning that just because you have romance it doesn’t necessarily mean that the girl depends on the man to save her, like Belle and the Beast imo… (Belle is a big reason I actually don’t like this edit anymore since I didn’t think to include her πŸ™ˆ) …still I really liked the partnership of Maui and Moana without any kind of romance to complicate things…

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