Almost Gone…

Well, here we are, and April’s almost gone. Sorry I haven’t post in a while, but I’ve been busy packing and getting ready to move. It’s so exciting, and stressful, and strange all at the same time. ;) So if I don’t post very often in the next month or so, it’s not because I’ve forgotten the blog. It’s just that I’ll be super busy. :)

It probably seems that all I ever post about is dolls and Disney, but it makes sense…I love dolls, and lots of my favorite dolls and movies are from Disney, so, you know. :P Speaking of dolls and movies, I recently watched Catching Fire. I must say, when Prim tells Katniss that she sees something different — hope — it’s no joke.

There a marked difference between the first and second Hunger Games movies, and I have to say, there are good things and bad things about it. Since I don’t want to turn this post into a movie review, I’ll just tell you that there are things I loved about the movie — acting, music, theme of self-sacrifice and hope — and there were things I thought should’ve been left out. But I’ll leave it at that (for a good, in-depth review of the movie, just visit Plugged In Online).

All of that to say, I liked the movie enough to want the new Barbies that they made for it. My sister and I want to collect all of them — well, except maybe Effie. The likeness is excellent, and Barbie has used some of their most poseable bodies for Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick. They’re definitely something I want to add to my collection.

Also, my dolly wish list might be expanding. I only have two Tonner dolls, but my sisters also have two each, and I’ve seen Tonner at their best…and not exactly at their best. One of our dolls had to be exchanged due to some problems she had upon removing her from the box, and the exchanging process was lengthy. It was weeks before the doll was replaced, although I was pleased that Tonner took care of it.

But our other dolls haven’t had any real problems. Obviously, with any doll, there are things you wish were different or better, but the quality of these dolls is superb. Which brings me to say, I have my eye on Tonner’s new doll collection, Deja Vu. At first I was skeptical of this line — the faces seemed spacey, all the dolls looked very alike, and the prices seemed too high. But as I’ve looked into these dolls, I’ve come to like them.

The pluses of these dolls are, that they have a new body that can share many outfits from other 16″ fashion dolls (not just Tonner dolls). Her hands can also be exchanged with the Tonner Nu Mood hands, which adds quite a bit of versatility. Her poseability  is comparable with the Antoinette body, better in some ways and not as good in others.

Right now they have a deal going where you can by the Deja Vu “Around Town” and “Production Assistant” dolls in one pack at a discounted price. The awesome thing is, the pack is marked down right now from the already discounted price. So you can get both dolls for about $85 each, when their original price is $160. Or you can buy the dolls individually for $100 instead of $160. Either way, it’s a bargain.

But even so, I’m not so sure I’m ready to spend that money on these dolls. While they are very pretty, and they’d be friends to my Cami doll, I’m not completely sold yet. Should I decide to brave it and buy one, I’ll probably have to do a review. ;)

Also, the dolls and I are celebrating the end of Season 2 on Likeness of Life! It’s been an adventure, all right, and the dolls are taking a break before delving into Season 3. But  don’t worry, they’ll be back. ;)


Also, I’ve been working on a brand new piece of art — a graduation gift for a friend of mine. Unfortunately I can’t share it with you until I give it to her since I wouldn’t want her to see it on the blog beforehand. But don’t worry — I’ll be posting it soon! :)


5 thoughts on “Almost Gone…

  1. Can’t wait to see your artwork! And for the 3rd season of LOL. :)
    I’ve never seen or read the Hunger Games, but I do own the older Katniss Barbie. She was on sale and she seemed like a cool doll so I got her. :)
    I actually like the newer one better, though, as I think she resembles Jennifer Lawrence more than the first. What do you think?
    Good luck with your move!! My family actually would like to move. Our house is for sale right now.

    • I think I like both Barbies equally, but as far as movie-accuracy, the new one is my favorite! :)

      I’m glad you’re pumped about the blog! Maybe some excitement will help the dolls not be nervous about the move, although they all are going to pick a moving buddy! ;)

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