Hey there. Wanted to post again before I actually start procrastinating. That’s not all there is to it — I’ve been busy. I began a new story recently, called Do You Remember Me. It’s first person present — really fun to work on. I haven’t decided on a length but I’m around 11,000 words into it. I’m thinking a goal of around 50,000 sounds good. But we’ll see. ;)

But that’s pretty much all the craft I’ve had time for. Not doing much doll stuff, or art stuff, or anything like that. I’ve been getting outside more — enjoying the fall weather! I’ve found new interest in bike riding and frisbee and the outdoors. It’s been a fun distraction. :)

I also had the privilege of seeing a new favorite band in concert recently — Unspoken! I had just downloaded their album when my mom found out they would be playing at a church nearby, and I was super excited to go. It’s not that often that favorite singers come to my area. Maybe I’ll talk about it more in another post. :)

But anyways, hopefully I’ll have some artwork or something to share with you soon. I know I’m becoming terribly boring, but hopefully not for much longer! :)


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