Happy October!

Wow, it’s already the fourth! My goodness. Time just seems to be flying by. Unfortunately I’ve not been up to much art wise. Come to think of it, I’ve fallen down on the job in writing too. But my hands haven’t been idle. I’ve gotten a new blog up and running (even if it’s running a little slow). It’s #NightLight, the new home of the inspirational graphics I’ve been creating. :)

I’ve also given the dolls a chance to put up a new post on Likeness of Life. Speaking of dolls, I’ve made an amazing discovery. Okay, nothing huge. But for doll-lovers and Frozen-lovers, the Disney Store being restocked with Frozen merchandise is the best news! They have all the dolls they had before (except for the deluxe coronation set) plus a couple of new items. I haven’t seen Kristoff and Hans, so I’m assuming they’re simply out of stock.

Also, I’ve been seeing some hints of some new deluxe Anna and Elsa doll sets coming out, so I might be stalking the website for a while. ;)


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