Safe and Sound

Okay, so I was randomly browsing Pinterest and beginning to hyperventilate about Mockingjay Part 1, which is coming out in November (RANDOM HYPERVENTILATING FANGIRL MOMENT), and suddenly I had to slap something together to remind the world I’m a fan. ;) And I also remembered that I haven’t posted anything interesting on here in a while. ;)

There are only a few things I’m just. downright. a. complete. fan. of. The Hunger Games is now one of those. Did I mention I finally read the trilogy? Yes, I’m in now. I’m really in. I found them to be exceptionally clean, well-written, and pretty close to the movies. Or, actually, the movies are pretty close to the books. I feel like the movies are being done really well, and even the things that they’ve changed, I feel like it’s improved the original stories.

So all of this to say, I have a new piece of artwork to showcase. :)


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