a new idea…

So, I’ve been enjoying a leisurely, freezing, overcast Sunday. Still nothing much to report, except that I have a Disney Store order coming, (which the dolls will reveal soon) and I’ve come up with a new idea for #NightLight (which I’ll reveal now).

I haven’t had a whole lot of order to what art I’ve put out there, so I thought, what if I did an inspirational graphic once a day for a year. No promises, just as a challenge to myself. Depending on what’s going on in my life by New Year’s, I would really like to go for it. But I guess we’ll see — I’m still moving pretty slow with art. :)

Anyway, thanks for reading this update, even if it’s a little skimpy. Just know that a far more interesting one is coming sometime this week, depending on when my package arrives. ;)


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