#NightLight Confessions

Okay, so I came to terms with the fact that I will never have the willpower to make some awesome new graphic once a day for a year. But I like the idea of having a series called “confessions”–personal statements about what I struggle with and things I love that I hope people can relate to. And no time limit or deadline. Just, whenever I feel like it.

On a different note, my Disney Store order came! Yes, I broke down and bought Honey while she was still in stock. We also rushed to nab the ice skating set (my sister bought it and gave me Anna as a Christmas present!) before they went out of stock, seeing as how I hadn’t even seen them in the store until now.

Speaking of which, they are still in stock on the Disney Store website, along with the Anna and Elsa toddler set, and the classic dolls. Kristoff included! Sadly, Hans isn’t around (understandably :P) but I haven’t seen Anna’s mountain man for a long while. I’m still stalking the Big Hero 6 shop in case Honey and Go Go reappear. ;)

But anyway, I’ll keep you posted! XD


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