Wow, I’ve been so busy I totally forgot to mention the highlight of last week. I got to see Mockingjay Part 1 in theaters! Oh goodness, where to start. Like I said, I’m really not a movie reviewer, so I can only tell you it was amazing and encouraging and heartbreaking and in short, I loved it.

When I saw the first two movies I’d only read the summary of the series — I hadn’t actually read the books. This summer, I finally read the entire trilogy. So Mockingjay is the first movie I’ve seen after reading the book. Seeing how close Lionsgate has stuck to the books so far I was so hopeful about it, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. There were only a couple of major changes that they made, which I wholeheartedly approved of.

After reading Divergent this summer as well, and then watching the movie, I had a very new appreciation for Lionsgate’s adaptions of The Hunger Games. Personally, I was disappointed with Divergent, and so seeing Mockingjay was just awesome. I was really pleased that there wasn’t any profanity, like, at all, and no real sexual content. Some scenes are a little gruesome, so I can’t recommend this movie to everyone, but you can read Plugged In Online’s review for a more detailed summary of the movie’s content.

Anyway, if it’s something you’d be all right with watching, you should totally see it in theaters! :)


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