i’m running out of creative titles for hunger games fan art posts

Hello. Well, other than watching movies and trying not to get the flu and reading through my brand new Hunger Games trilogy, I have been doing precisely what the title of this post suggests. Yeah. So you can guess what I’m about to share. Maybe it’s overload, but I just can’t help it. ^.^

First, an observation I made while listening to the soundtracks of the Hunger Games.

Second, just something that I haven’t already seen on Pinterest. ;)

my name is katniss everdeen

Yeah, and I’ve also reverted back to using a new rendition of my old logo. At my sister’s request. She told me my graphics were easier to miss on Pinterest with only a “hashtag nightlight” marking them. So I creating a spiffed-up version of my old logo and slapped it on. The old NightLight is back! :D


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