amori addiction

Have you ever felt that way? If you’re a writer, I’m sure you feel it in general, like me. But I have this problem of (if I can even manage to write the beginning of a story) getting a little ways in and just having it die.

This happens way too frequently, and I find it frustrating. Partly because the stuff in a story that I feel like writing is so often the climax, or the ending, and I don’t know how to get there. Usually it’s a matter of, I’m not free to do what I feel like doing. I can’t go where my inspiration is leading me.

But every once in a while I find a gem. Something that isn’t all dazzling to begin with like those frustrating bursts that fizzle out and die. Something that takes building, but slow and steady eventually does win. Something like Amori.

I mentioned how constraining fan fiction can be, and it’s true. It can stump the inspiration flow. But this time, for me, it worked out perfectly. Because, being in the Hunger Games mood, my hands were tied in writing something dystopian. I didn’t want it to be a copy. So now that I’m doing this, and realizing that I can explore the “what if”s a little, it’s writing freedom at its purest and best.

I’ve been itching to write something in this style and POV, and I feel like I’m rapidly growing as a dystopian storyteller with this fan work. I feel that illusive thing that comes when it’s the right time, way, place, and everything works out.

Bottom line? Go with the inspiration. Don’t push when it’s not time, but don’t tie your hands when something doesn’t need to be perfect, which, it never does in my opinion. And when it is the right time, don’t give up. Find ways around the obstacles. Think your way out if you have to — don’t just quit.


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