Actress Trouble

I’ve been so caught up in talking about Amori, that I failed to mention the trouble that I’m having. You know I picked out Hailee Steinfeld to “play” my main character. I really liked her, or at least that one picture, for this character. But now I’m having some second thoughts. I’m really questioning whether she has the right character to be Amori. As far as appearance, she’s pretty good. But I like to pick out actors for my characters that seem to reflect the right personality for them.

Maybe I’m overthinking it. But I’m not in any hurry, so day by day I’m looking up more actors to see if any of them would fit better. So far, no luck. I want someone similar to Jennifer Lawrence in the way that she fits in the dystopian world, and her strength of character. I just haven’t been able to picture anyone in the kind of settings that Amori is in during the story.

So, I guess I’ll crawl back into my Pinterest hole…

Inspiring Faces

P.S. It’s the eve of Christmas Eve! Sooo exciting. It feels like Christmas should still be a long way off. I’ll probably have some awesome gifts to post about — to and from me. ;)


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