Pocket Pop Anna – Review

Hey, peeps! I’m tired. I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things after Christmas. I’ve fallen down on the job working on Amori, but I am determined to get back to it…hopefully on Monday. ^.^  But I’m here with a rather unusual update…a toy review! As the name implies. :P So without further ado, I present to you…


I’ll start by saying this was a kind gift from my sister. A total surprise, and a very pleasant one. I’ve never gotten a Funko toy before, but I’ve had my eye on the Disney ones forever.

Anna comes in a cute cardboard box with a clear plastic window.


With a little illustration on the top.


The same illustration peeks out from the side, next to the bold print of Anna’s name.


The box is very easy to open — no tape, just a flap on the top. You may have to pry it a little to open it for the first time.


The clear plastic mold that Anna fits into slides easily out of the box.


She’s in there pretty securely, so I pulled her out by the face. I didn’t want to tug on her body too much for fear of breaking her. I don’t know if she would break that easily, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious.


I was happy to discover that she stands on her own. I must admit that’s the first thing I did when I pulled her out of the box.


She’s made of a nice quality vinyl, and everything but her square little face has a matte finish.


Her hairstyle is very movie-accurate. Her pigtails reach way past her hips.


Anna’s right side.


Left side.


The white streak in her hair is really cute.


And here’s Anna of LOL with our newest edition. Pocket Pop Anna makes a cute toy for Disney Store dolls.

All around, I’m very fond of my new tiny friend and should like to collect her counterparts. I can’t freely recommend her to kids — it’ll take me time to see how Anna holds up, depending on whether she’s part of the blog and how much use she gets. I can, however, whole-heartedly recommend her to collectors of Frozen merchandise! :)


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