The Hunger Games Barbie Doll Review

Hey there, folks! I’m back feeling much better. The Lord provided the funds for me to buy an external hard drive for my computer, so my storage won’t be an issue anymore! I realized yesterday that I haven’t been seeing any reviews of the Hunger Games Barbie dolls, so I pulled out the big camera and took an hour to get it done. As you may know, I have the Katniss Barbie that was made for the first movie, as well as the Catching Fire Katniss and Peeta. My sister has Finnick, so he shows up too. So, here we go!

Warning: For those of you who might take issue, I photographed my Katniss doll nude to show her poseability, etc.. She’s not anatomically correct, but it could still be a concern.

I’ll start with the Katniss doll they made for The Hunger Games. I’ve renamed her Kimberly to cut down on confusion.


Here she is. It’s been probably a year or more since I bought this doll, but I keep her on display or in her box most of the time. Unfortunately the box is buried in a container, so here’s a stock photo of her packaging:


When I first saw this doll’s photos, I couldn’t tell whether she had hinged knees or not, but you can tell more in this photo.

Here’s a comparison of the doll’s promo picture, Jennifer Lawrence, and the actual doll:

I think the promo looks more like Jen, what do you think? Her hair is more tame compared to the real product, and she has freckles whereas my doll does not.

My doll has nice detail on her jacket, which is made from a material that resembles Katniss’s in the movie.


Her Mockingjay pin is a nice detail, but it’s much bulkier and cheaper looking than in the promo pictures.


Kimberly doesn’t have a real zipper, but the zipper-like trim adds a nice touch. Her jacket is held close by two strings that are so small they can be a little difficult to tie.


I was so happy when I found out her cargo pants have REAL pockets!


She can hardly reach them, but who cares? Real pockets on a Barbie doll.


Kimberly’s boots are made of a firm material and are carved out with really nice detail. They’re so hard that it’s extremely difficult to get them on and off, but I like them so much she wears them all the time.



Here’s another look at her pin.

Also I braided her hair myself.


She came with a regular braided ponytail with two rubber bands – one at the back of her head, one at the end of the braid. I rebraided it in the Dutch style that Katniss has in the movie. The hair itself is very soft and flexible, with a sort of oily conditioner that prevents tangles.


Kimberly’s jacket is lined with a sleeveless vest thing that’s sewn in.

Her hood is rather a disappointment because it’s way too small for her head.


Sad, but to be expected with Barbie.


Underneath her jacket is a sleeveless black tank top, unlike her short-sleeved tee in the movie:

Katniss and Haymitch

The front of her cargo pants:


The back of her outfit:


Kimberly’s shirt velcros only partially down, so it has to be slipped off over her legs. The velcro of her pants doesn’t stay closed. At all.

Now. On to the Catching Fire dolls. They both come in the matching jumpsuits they wear in the movie.

They both come with stands. Here they are in their packaging:

Unfortunately, Peeta’s stand broke after two or three times of using it.


Katniss’s is still together:


I wonder how long it’ll last.

Here they are. Katniss’s braid still isn’t movie-accurate, but it’s smaller than my first Katniss doll.


Her shorter strands are tacked down on either side of her head.

Peeta’s hair is a little bit crazy.

Poofy on the sides, and flat and frizzy in the back.

They have virtually the same jumpsuit – Peeta’s is just scaled up. My main problem with these outfits is that the only way to remove them would be to cut the back seams. I know that’s big for people how want to get these dolls and redress them, but keep their original outfits intact. However, their costumes are so nice that I simply display them like this.


Here are more pictures of the detail in their outfits:






Peeta’s locket is just like in the movie too:

It’s tacked down a little lopsided.

Okay, on to the bodies. Since Peeta and Katniss have to remain clothed, I’ll review Kimberly, since they share the same body type.


Kimberly can do the splits with these hips:

She can also sit nicely.


I’m always impressed with how far her hinge-knees bend.


She’s one of the nicest kneeling dolls I own.


Her arms are very stiff, which allows her to hold poses really well.

Here’s the back of her body:


Okay. On to Finnick. He and Peeta also share identical bodies. They’re different from the Fashonista Ken bodies, which I was so happy about when I found out. I hate the Ken bodies because their hips can’t spread and they can hardly sit down. So frustrating.


These guys have jointed ankles (yay!).

I put some more flexible pants on Finnick for the next portion of the review. He can technically do better splits, but the pants are still pretty stiff.

Finnick can also sit better than this without pants.


He can kneel splendidly:

Finnick also decided to express his fondness for Kimberly (since Katniss is taken).


Or wait, is he simply trying to help her tie a knot?


Looking at these photos, I’m struck by how badly proportioned the hair is on these dolls. Finnick’s hair seems especially crazy though:


Let’s move on to Finnick’s jacket. I’m so happy that this guy has a real zipper.

His whole outfit is made of the same material as Katniss and Peeta’s jumpsuits. It’s the tiniest bit shiny, and very soft. It’s pretty thin, too, which is good for such small dolls.

The designs on Finnick’s jacket are also accurate to the movie, although we only see Finnick in this outfit once or twice.

The back of Finnick’s outfit:


Finnick’s shoes are made of the same material as Katniss and Peeta’s. It was hard to take them off, and I was afraid I’d pull Finnick’s feet off too. I didn’t, of course. The ankle joints are a little loose, but I’m pretty sure they were that way since the beginning.

Finnick comes with a trident like in the movie, but I should warn you it’s a little on the flimsy side. Long story short it broke without much provocation and is now held together by a rubber band.


Finnick’s hair:

Here’s his profile next to Peeta’s. They seem pretty similar from the side, but their face molds really are pretty accurate to the characters.

Now. About Kimberly and Katniss. I think it’s interesting that Kimberly’s hair is lighter, and much redder.


I also noticed that that’s the way it is in the movies. See?


Also, the skin tones are very slightly different. Kimberly’s skin is basically the same tone with a higher saturation, which I think makes her look less realistic. Here are more pictures of the two together:

Here is some comparison between the two girls.


…and their weapons:


Their weapons are both accurate to each movie.

Katniss’s sheath is a little disappointing in the way that the strap – which is a thin ribbon – is very loose. Also, Katniss’s braid being tacked down keeps the strap from resting on her shoulder properly.

I was photographing her, and it fell off without me even touching her.


This is what I was going for:


Katniss using her archery skills:


More of her pretty face.

I’m so pleased at how much this new Katniss looks like Jennifer Lawrence.

One of the main things about Kimberly that wasn’t accurate was her cheekbones. You might notice how much more defined the new doll’s are:


Here’s the whole gang together.


More of Katniss:


I just can’t get enough of this girl. Or her and Peeta together.

They pose beautifully together. He can even hold her off the ground:


A couple of closeups:

They look really good together.

Posing on the red carpet…or just holding hands. ;)


Hmm. What to say. My first impression of all of these dolls was…love! I just love all of them. The original Katniss Barbie cost around $30 at Target, which is where I found her. I wanted her so badly I didn’t really consider whether she was worth the cost, but as a collector’s item, I feel like she is. Especially since she’s held up so well with gentle play.

As for the Catching Fire dolls, I have nothing but praise for the bodies they chose. They’re some of the most poseable Barbie bodies, especially the guys, and they hold poses very well. The clothes are all very well made as far as Barbies go, and overall the dolls are exceptionally movie accurate. I feel like all three of them are worth the $25 each.

They are definitely collectibles, but they’ll react well to play, perhaps even better than the Fashionista dolls. I would recommend them to beginner and adult collectors alike.

P.S. A few more shots of Katniss and Peeta in the outdoors:


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