Tiana or no Tiana?

I’ve been wanting a Tiana doll from the Disney Store for.ev.er.

So, the Disney Store has this beautiful Tiana doll. Who comes with all sorts of accessories. And her hair comes in an awesome style. And she’s marked down 39% off. And I want her.


Well? To buy or not to buy? Lemme know what you think…


4 thoughts on “Tiana or no Tiana?

      • Ahh, the doll collector’s dilemma. :( I almost got this Tia but backed out last minute. I like Tiana fine, but I’m mostly focusing on my Tangled and Frozen collections right now. :)

      • Yes, I’m not really big into Princess and the Frog. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t even seen it yet! But I have Naveen and I wanted a version of Tiana that doesn’t have her hair in the usual style. :)

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