i believe in her.

Okay, okay, this is not what it looks like.

I don’t really know what it looks like, but my guess is this: I finally say how much I like Doctor Who and suddenly I’m spewing out Photoshop edits for it. But no. Actually, I’ve been working on what I’m about to show you for a good while now, but I’ve been sort of slow and not bothered to post anything.

Truth is, I’ve been dissatisfied with most of what I’ve been doing, and I’ve had to come to the conclusion that I’m probably not going to like it anymore for waiting to post it. So, without further ado…the product of all my hard labor.

I’ll start with the longest one. This is a scene from “New Earth” that I found really cute and funny, so I wanted to make a graphic of it. Don’t worry, you will reach the bottom. :P

Okay, so now for my favorite part of that episode. You’ve got creepy aliens and strange diseases and a rather gross antagonist, but there’s always the Doctor, being protective of his Rose.

Now for something a little sadder. Like I said, I’ve not reached the end of the second season, but it’s impossible to look at Doctor Who stuff on Pinterest and not know how it ends. For those of you who don’t know, SPOILER WARNING!!!

And this is completely true. Like, totally my reaction when I see people going on about how heartbreaking Mockingjay is. I’m not saying it’s not, believe me. But through it all I know that in the end, Katniss and Peeta are together, and they come back to life.

So, just to end on a bright note, here’s a graphic I made as a sort of tribute to the tenth Doctor and Rose, using one of the best-known quotes.


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