i wish you were here

Hello, peeps! I’m back with some more Doctor Who. What I’m about to present to you is a graphic I worked long and hard on, and that’s not usual. Usually, I whip up things and get them posted and make myself satisfied with the result all within an hour. But this time, I was making something that had to be just right. Many thanks to my sister, who gave good input and didn’t let me settle for second best.

The story behind this has to do with a very controversial song. Well, controversial for me. I don’t listen to Avril Lavigne. She’s got a good voice, and I might actually like her style if it weren’t for the language in quite a lot of her songs. I confess I haven’t heard a lot of them, but I do read the reviews on Plugged In Online, so I know what I’m dealing with. But one in particular caught my ear when I heard it in a music video on YouTube – totally unaware of the s-word that’s in the beginning.

My initial reaction to this was that I definitely wouldn’t be buying it – especially because the d-word is a very central part of the chorus. I haven’t changed my mind about it, but I can’t shake the fact that otherwise, it’s an amazing song. And aside from that, it’s also absolutely perfect for the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler. I couldn’t make a music video in good conscience, because I don’t really want to promote the language. So the next best thing was to put my Photoshop skills to good use, and not only that – challenge them!

So, what I’ve labeled my new masterpiece was born. WARNING: Major feels may ensue. ;)



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