the girl who walked the earth

Hello, fellow bloggers, Whovians, Swifties, etc. Hope you’re doing well. I’ve got some Doctor Who fan art for you all. I’m pretty sure if you haven’t watched the show, I’ve already spoiled everything for you, or either that Pinterest has, so there’s no point in giving a spoiler warning. :P

I don’t know why, but my inspiration for Martha Jones edits/videos seems to be running high. I’m sure it’s because she’s a favorite character, but so is Rose. Donna as well, although I haven’t gotten to know her enough yet to have a lot of inspiration. I’m plotting, though. ;)

So I present a couple of tributes to Martha. The first sort of embodies her decision to stay at home instead of continuing to travel with the Doctor. Starting with before she left in Season 3, and when she came back in Season 4.

In The Doctor’s Daughter, which is the sixth episode of the fourth season, there’s a scene that no one really talks about. Martha is trying to find her way back to the Doctor – needless to say they get separated – and she’s making the journey with a human/fish alien that she aided right after the separation. I won’t go into the details, but the friendly creature dies saving Martha’s life in the rough terrain, and I’ve got to say that it’s some of Freema Agyeman’s best acting as she weeps over the death of yet another innocent creature. And I think that she must’ve been thinking something like what Christina Perri admits in “Human.”


On a (slightly) lighter note, here’s to the legend that traveled the world in the year that never happened:


And now I’ve gotta mention Rose. ;)

(Season 2, Episode 5: Rise of the Cybermen)

(Season 2, Episode 5: Rise of the Cybermen)

Hate to do this to you, but you can’t blog about Doctor Who without bringing on lots of feels. So I’ll just get right to the point:



4 thoughts on “the girl who walked the earth

    • Yeah, I don’t see how anyone who’s watched the show could hate her. Although, a lot of people are starting to fight back about her being a good companion.

      Liz :)

      • Yes she was so hated cause of people missing rose I didn’t like her either til I feel very deep into doctor who tumblr fan dom and people made some valid points about her. I felt bad that as the first black companion she got such backlash but I’m happy people are seeing her worth♡

      • Yeah, I think that’s the main reason for people not liking her. The whole thing with Rose wasn’t Martha’s fault, but how could the Doctor do any better while he was so hurt? The whole thing seemed pretty sad, but I think that their friendship turned into something beautiful anyway. I was also really happy for a black companion. I was so mad at “Human Nature” because I wished that the Doctor had fallen for Martha. Honestly, that could’ve made it really, really heartbreaking or extremely awesome. Any thoughts on that?

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