Vidding & Brainstorming

Making fan videos. Writing. Trying to help the dolls get the next post of Likeness of Life done. These are the things that occupy my computer time. The trouble with the doll’s blog is, there’s an introduction coming up and nobody is quite sure how to present it. But never fear, it is in the works. As for writing, I’m working on a short story and I recently did a rough outline for the whole thing, so that required even more brainstorming.

And then there’s vidding. I’ve uploaded several more videos since my last post, and there’s still many more to be finished. I’ve been wanting better editing software for almost as long as I’ve been making videos, so I finally looked into some different programs and found one that’s been a joy to work with: VideoPad. It’s very different from my previous software, but since I got used to it it’s been amazing. So many more editing options than what I had before, without the price tag of Sony Vegas or Final Cut.

Anyway, I’m not dead, in case anyone was wondering. I’m just a terrible blogger. :P

Don’t forget to check out my latest vid to Britt Nicole and NF’s brilliant “Can You Hold Me.” I created it in VideoPad, so I hope you can see a difference. :)


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