Dolly Update!!

My gosh, where has the time gone?? It seems like just the other day I was posting that I placed my order with Fairyland for my Minifeé Shushu! Instead it was, well…months ago. And guess what? She finally arrived! She shipped on the fifteenth of last month and arrived a few days later. I know it’s really late, but meet Armani…


Isn’t she beautiful? I can’t believe my dream of having a BJD has finally come true! My sister filmed my box opening and if I can ever get a dolly YouTube channel set up, I’m thinking about uploading it there. I’ve been super busy with life, and also with making clothes and things for this baby. She only had one outfit when she arrived, so I’ve been trying to remedy that. Thanks to my amazing seamstress sister, I’m slowly but surely building a wardrobe for this girl.

Here’s her favorite complete outfit:


In these pictures she’s got some 12mm Almost Real eyes from Denver Doll in, instead of the eyes she came with, which were a bigger size and a light purple color. They were beautiful, but after I gave these a try they just sort of stuck. She’s also wearing a Shaggies wig, which I got from Denver Doll as well. I ordered several with her so that she’d have a few options. But since I’ve always thought of her as a long-haired gal, I decided to tackle making my own wig. I finished my first one last week, and I posted tons of pictures on Instagram. Here’s the finished product:


I used some GORGEOUS suri alpaca that my sister got for me for my birthday. It’s from The Woolen Wagon on Etsy. If you’re looking for really beautiful, really soft alpaca, I strongly recommend them. In my opinion they have really great prices.

So! That’s pretty much what I’ve been up to with dollies. My other sister also got her first Minifeé right after Armani arrived, so that’s exciting! It’s so surreal to finally have one after all these years. To be honest, I’m having some trouble processing. She’s absolutely amazing.

Also I wanted to mention that I’m really sorry for not posting. I’ve really had to focus my energy on Instagram, since keeping up with it and my blogs has been a struggle. So if I drop off the face of the planet again, be sure to check out my Instagram because I’m probably posting stuff there.

To close, here’s a detail shot of Armani’s sweet little face. I ordered her with the default faceup, and it’s absolutely perfect…



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