Happy Belated March!

Well, it’s been a long week. I know it’s not over yet, but…it’s still been a long week. And by the way, happy March! I think spring is finally in the air, although that little warm pocket we got a couple days back is long gone. Still, I think the worst of the winter might be gone? And yet I can’t bring myself to get rid of my beautiful Christmas blog photo. :P

So, for those of you who are wondering what’s up with Amori, I still haven’t been able to get back into it. I did, however, get some inspiration to write a couple of scenes for it, but they’re more for the ending. It’s bad in the way that it’ll be a while before I reach that point in the story, but it’s also good because it gives me something to shoot for. And man, am I excited about how it’s gonna end. XD

I’m debating whether to share the story and how, because copyright can be an issue and material can get stolen. It’s just something that I’m thinking about for when the time comes, but since it’s a little ways off yet, I probably don’t need to worry about it. But while I’m on the subject, here’s an edit I put together for Amori:


This is something she says in the story that really embodies the problems in her relationship with one of the other characters. That there’s a certain level of distrust, or resentment, really. Because there are things she’s been through that he can’t understand, but also vice versa, which allows them to have a strong relationship despite their differences.

I feel silly. Today was the first time I’ve played around with exporting a Pages document as an ePub document. In case you’re like me and have no clue what that means, I’ll tell you. If you want to be able to read your story in iBooks, and be able to change the text size, make bookmarks, etc., ePub format works. But it is restrictive – it has to be so flexible that you loose some formatting. But I’m going to be keeping it in mind for the future. :)

Oh, yeah! Forgot to mention…I got the Frozen Fever dolls in the mail the other day! So exciting. I don’t have any pictures to post at the moment, but you can check out my Instagram to see my beautiful new girl. :)


Progress on LOL + BH6 Items in the Disney Store!

Hey, peeps! I’ve been a total lazy bones about writing on Amori lately, but I’ve been cooking up some new ideas for it, and for another story I’m hoping to start after Amori is finished. So never fear! I just did a brainstorming session with my sister, and am going to be traveling back to District 13 again, before taking a trip to Scotland, possibly, for my next novel. And, that’s not literal, by the way. :P

The dolls have been working hard, though! Despite the trials in their little lives, they’ve not failed to keep posting about it on Likeness of Life! Head over there now if you’d like to catch up with the latest goings-on in the doll community! XD

Also, I must admit to stalking the Disney Store for Go Go Tomago dolls. I check the Big Hero 6 page just about every day, waiting for when I’ll be able to snatch my new favorite character. Though they haven’t gotten her in, they do have more of the plush toys, Funko Pops, and action figures than normal. Click here to check it out! Maybe this means they’ll be getting more and more stuff in stock as the release date of the Blu-ray approaches? I believe it’s coming out February 24th, to be exact. YAY!! I’m so excited. ^.^

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and I hope to be coming back with some more interesting news pretty soon here! :D

one of those days

Hey there, everybody. Due to some stresses with my computer I’ve been taking a break from working on Amori, and it also made me forget to do my 18,500 word update! To tide you over until I get back to work, here’s a sneak peak of some of my latest writing:

Suddenly I’m walking toward the Hub, picking up my pace, because I cannot be tortured with this a second longer. I’m weaving in between people, wondering why I had to do this in a particularly busy time, wondering why I’m doing this at all, and that’s when I see him.

End of chapter. B)

Could use some prayer – lack of storage on my laptop is causing trouble with my art and I don’t currently have the funds to fix it. My movie and inspirational Photoshop edits are such a big part of my everyday life that it’s kind of hard to be dealing with this. But I’ve got some stuff that I can do to help the problem, so never fear! #Nightlight will be back on its feet soon. ;)

i never thought you did

Hello, folks! You’ll be glad to know I’ve reached over 14,000 words in Amori and have a new sneak peak for you. This time, it’s in the form of a Photoshop edit:

This is one of Gale and Amori’s earliest exchanges. I can’t tell you why they’re having this conversation, but it’s sort of a pivotal point in their friendship. A baby step in the right direction, I guess you could call it. I had the material, so I put this together! Hope you like it. :)


Hello there, folks! It’s one of those lazy days, but I thought I’d do a skimpy update, partially to let you know I’m still here, partially because I’m still so excited about Amori. So, I’ve got all sorts of stuff in the works. I’m working on a secret promo-type-project-thing for the story that will hopefully not be a secret for much longer, as I plan for it to be up on YouTube soon. That’s all I can say. ^.^

I’m also thinking about setting up a page with photos and the plot of the story, but I’m hesitant to make a big deal out of it (I know, I know, I already have). Seems like it hasn’t gone well when I’ve done that in the past. Although, this story has no deadline, no pressure, and a lot of promise. I’m confident that I’ll finish it around 50,000 words by the end of the year. At least, that’s my goal. I’m about a fifth of the way there (12,000 words to be precise). :D

I’m also trying to scrounge up another sneak peak for Likeness of Life, but I’m moving really slowly with that right now. The dolls have their own problems going on, and it’s one thing to deal with them. Having to post episodes about how they are dealing with them is a whole lot more trouble. ;)

Anyway, so long! Until next time! Best wishes,

Liz, Amori, & the Dolls

P.S. Forgot one thing! I present, a sentence from Amori:

Maybe it’s funny, maybe it’s just relief from the tension of the last twenty-four hours. To me, it’s the chance to sneak off for half an hour and be alone and unnoticed. Okay, mostly alone and maybe not unnoticed. But this gives me the illusion of freedom for a few minutes, which is better than a drug.

The New Amori

Sorry if all these updates about Amori are getting a little old, but…well, maybe I’m not sorry. :P But while I’m on the subject, I’d like to show you something.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with my blog (or don’t remember), I had originally chosen Hailee Steinfeld as my character appearance for the main character in my Hunger Games fan fiction, Amori. After doing an edit that I was really proud of, using a photo of Hailee, I delved into the story and started having problems picturing her doing the things my character was doing. I realized that I liked the actress best as a more innocent, positive, smiling type character.

Suffice it to say, that’s not Amori. Yes, she is more innocent in the way that she is not as motivated by anger or revenge, as dystopian characters tend to be. But she is solemn. She has been wounded. She has aged beyond her years. She does not look like an eighteen-year-old. So I started digging. A lot of frustration, loads of pictures of different actresses, way way too much research, and watching a bunch of GIFs later, I settled on Seychelle Gabriel.

She is Amori.

What do you think? Can you see Seychelle growing up in District 12, sitting in the cafeteria in 13, talking to Gale in the bunker during the bombing? Because I can. I must give some credit to my sister, though. She was sure that Seychelle was right for Amori even when I was completely doubting whether I’d made a huge mistake in choosing her. So thanks, sis! XD

Another point of interest. Anybody who’s been poking around my Pinterest might have seen my Journey of an Artist board, and on there is an old, old, terrible, awful, horrid drawing I did of one of my story characters from long ago. When I first decided I loved The Hunger Games a few years ago I made a mistake. The mistake I didn’t want to make with Amori. I wrote a non-fan fiction called Candles, about a girl named Evergreen Walker who is surviving in a dystopian world I knew nothing about except that it was very similar to Panem.

Originally inspired by Jennifer Lawrence as Ree Dolly (not Katniss), I ended up changing her to suit my imagination. Originally she wasn’t supposed to look like some actress. I doubt now even if she looked completely human. But anyway, I realized several of her defining features are actually similar to Seychelle Gabriel’s.

Left: Seychelle Gabriel. Right: Drawing. Definitely a drawing. :P

They have the deeper-set eyes in common. The subtle lines beneath the eyes. Narrower chins. Dark brown hair. Etcetera. I seriously doubt whether Candles will ever see the light of day again, so it’s nice to have a piece of Evergreen Walker in this genuine Hunger Games story. :)

by the way…

I’ve finally gotten back to work on Amori! I’m to about 6,500 words and you’ll be happy to know that I’m every bit as excited about it as I was before Christmas break. Me and my family have also been housesitting for some really sweet people, so we get to hang out in an absolutely beautiful house. It’s good for my inspiration flow. ;)

I’m afraid that’s all I have to say for now. Oh, and by the way, happy new year! XD

P.S. I believe I have settled on Seychelle Gabriel to “play” Amori. She’s technically too old for the character, but since Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, etc., are also a bit old for their characters, I thought it would make sense. These dystopian teens have been through so much anyway, they’ve aged beyond their years. :)


Actress Trouble

I’ve been so caught up in talking about Amori, that I failed to mention the trouble that I’m having. You know I picked out Hailee Steinfeld to “play” my main character. I really liked her, or at least that one picture, for this character. But now I’m having some second thoughts. I’m really questioning whether she has the right character to be Amori. As far as appearance, she’s pretty good. But I like to pick out actors for my characters that seem to reflect the right personality for them.

Maybe I’m overthinking it. But I’m not in any hurry, so day by day I’m looking up more actors to see if any of them would fit better. So far, no luck. I want someone similar to Jennifer Lawrence in the way that she fits in the dystopian world, and her strength of character. I just haven’t been able to picture anyone in the kind of settings that Amori is in during the story.

So, I guess I’ll crawl back into my Pinterest hole…

Inspiring Faces

P.S. It’s the eve of Christmas Eve! Sooo exciting. It feels like Christmas should still be a long way off. I’ll probably have some awesome gifts to post about — to and from me. ;)

a sentence.

When my sister and I are working on stories, we’ll give each other what we call a “sentence.” It’s usually more than a sentence, and it’s basically just a snippet of the story that’s intriguing, but doesn’t give anything away. So. I’m here today with a quick sentence from Amori, in which I have reached 4,674 words.

I can’t get the memory of his eyes, so full of the gravity of death, out of my mind. Maybe if I knew his name, and who he was, and that we will only ever have completely separate lives, I could let it go. But I don’t. I don’t know any of that, and it’s likely I never will, so I’ll always be haunted by it.


amori addiction

Have you ever felt that way? If you’re a writer, I’m sure you feel it in general, like me. But I have this problem of (if I can even manage to write the beginning of a story) getting a little ways in and just having it die.

This happens way too frequently, and I find it frustrating. Partly because the stuff in a story that I feel like writing is so often the climax, or the ending, and I don’t know how to get there. Usually it’s a matter of, I’m not free to do what I feel like doing. I can’t go where my inspiration is leading me.

But every once in a while I find a gem. Something that isn’t all dazzling to begin with like those frustrating bursts that fizzle out and die. Something that takes building, but slow and steady eventually does win. Something like Amori.

I mentioned how constraining fan fiction can be, and it’s true. It can stump the inspiration flow. But this time, for me, it worked out perfectly. Because, being in the Hunger Games mood, my hands were tied in writing something dystopian. I didn’t want it to be a copy. So now that I’m doing this, and realizing that I can explore the “what if”s a little, it’s writing freedom at its purest and best.

I’ve been itching to write something in this style and POV, and I feel like I’m rapidly growing as a dystopian storyteller with this fan work. I feel that illusive thing that comes when it’s the right time, way, place, and everything works out.

Bottom line? Go with the inspiration. Don’t push when it’s not time, but don’t tie your hands when something doesn’t need to be perfect, which, it never does in my opinion. And when it is the right time, don’t give up. Find ways around the obstacles. Think your way out if you have to — don’t just quit.