Hey guys, I know I already said I wasn’t going to be active on this blog much, but I think it’s time I face the fact that I don’t think I will be again. I don’t know if anybody really reads this anymore since I never post, but I just wanted to say a proper goodbye. I’m still collecting dolls and doing art, but I just don’t have the time/energy to keep up this blog anymore. Thank you to anyone who has read my posts over the years, it was really fun, but I’m just ready to move on to bigger and better things. I know that’s super corny, but it’s kind of true. ;) Remember you can always find me on my Instagram (even if I’ve been sort of inactive on there too oops)!

So thank you guys, and goodbye <3

PS: Despite the fact that the dolls haven’t posted in absolutely ages, Likeness of Life is going to stick around! I don’t know when there will be regular posts again, but hopefully there will be again someday :)


Happy 2018

Hey guys! Once again, it’s been too long. I’ve sort of put this blog on the back burner in favor of Instagram and my YouTube channel, so apologies once again for not being active, it’s been yet another hectic year.

I’m not the only one who’s been a terrible procrastinator. The dolls also offer their apologies and hope to make up for the long absence by posting the long-awaited second part of their 2017 New Year’s post. Isn’t that awful? I’ve never seen a year fly by so quickly! Hopefully it won’t be so long between posts again… XD


Dolly Update!!

My gosh, where has the time gone?? It seems like just the other day I was posting that I placed my order with Fairyland for my Minifeé Shushu! Instead it was, well…months ago. And guess what? She finally arrived! She shipped on the fifteenth of last month and arrived a few days later. I know it’s really late, but meet Armani…


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Happy New Year 2017!!!


It’s a new year, people! Sorry for the delayed post. I’ve been working hard on helping the dolls get their New Year’s post up for everyone to read. It might take some time, but it is in the works!

I hope everyone has the best year yet. :)

Merry Christmas 2016!!!

Hello, everyone! I’m a little late with this post, I realize. But I enjoyed Christmas day without having to update any blogs. It was just family, good food, and awesome presents. But even if I’m a tiny bit delayed, I still wanted to wish you a merry Christmas!!!

My Christmas surprise is that the dolls and I have finally gotten a new post up on Likeness of Life. There will be multiple parts to this adventure, and we hope everyone enjoys!


Vidding & Brainstorming

Making fan videos. Writing. Trying to help the dolls get the next post of Likeness of Life done. These are the things that occupy my computer time. The trouble with the doll’s blog is, there’s an introduction coming up and nobody is quite sure how to present it. But never fear, it is in the works. As for writing, I’m working on a short story and I recently did a rough outline for the whole thing, so that required even more brainstorming.

And then there’s vidding. I’ve uploaded several more videos since my last post, and there’s still many more to be finished. I’ve been wanting better editing software for almost as long as I’ve been making videos, so I finally looked into some different programs and found one that’s been a joy to work with: VideoPad. It’s very different from my previous software, but since I got used to it it’s been amazing. So many more editing options than what I had before, without the price tag of Sony Vegas or Final Cut.

Anyway, I’m not dead, in case anyone was wondering. I’m just a terrible blogger. :P

Don’t forget to check out my latest vid to Britt Nicole and NF’s brilliant “Can You Hold Me.” I created it in VideoPad, so I hope you can see a difference. :)

We’ll Remember Them For Centuries

Centuries Marvel Banner

Hi! Back with a new video! Actually, it’s not new. It’s been collecting dust on my computer for quite a while now, but I decided to finally post it. It’s a tribute to my favorite characters in the Marvel cinematic universe with Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries.” As I explain in my YouTube description, I know everyone’s done it, but I didn’t know that when I made the video. Although it’s a bit old now, I put all of my know how [at the time] into it, and did a few minor touch ups right before posting. Anyway, it’s not my most fancy, but I hope y’all like it anyway! Click on the photo or click here to watch. :)


Hello Again

Hey, everybody. Been a while. Some really big changes have taken place in my life since I lasted posted (moving, for one), but I thought I’d try to get back into blogging again. I don’t have much to share with you in the way of art and video-making, although I have been making quite a few videos lately. Most of them are for Doctor Who, and I feel like I’m making good progress with my editing skills.

There are two main reasons why I haven’t been posting them on YouTube. Number one is that it’s a pain. It takes a long time, sometimes there are hiccups and they don’t upload properly, not to mention I don’t get many views on YouTube to motivate me. XD Reason number two is that, like a true artist, my work never seems finished. It seems like every video I’ve posted, I’ve found something I wish I could change right after. That’s no reason not to post them, but it’s definitely a deterrent. Hopefully I’ll get around all that and start uploading my videos, because I really am happy with my latest and I’d love to know other people’s thoughts on them.

Anyway, I hope to be blogging more often now that my life is settling down again. Thanks to anyone who has continued to read this blog even when I’ve neglected it so badly. XD