i’ve loved you for a thousand years

…I’ll love you for a thousand more.

So. You might be asking why someone who only approves of photos that mock Twilight is talking about a song from this vampiric “saga.” Well, I loved this song before I new it was written for Twilight, and when I found a video for Doctor Who using this song, I decided it was meant for the Doctor and Rose.

I think a lot of people couple this song with characters from Doctor Who, which I didn’t realize when I first began working on the video. But it’s so beautiful, I had to make my own rendition. Yes, friends, I’ve finally put iMovie to work again. ;)

For those of you who prefer this song for Rose and the Doctor to Bella and Edward – for those of you who want to buy the song and not have vampires staring at you the whole time you listen to it…here’s something to help you out:

A Thousand Years

I will warn you, the video might spoil some things for you if you haven’t watched the seasons with the Tenth Doctor. You can click here to watch it. Hope you enjoy! :)