writer’s block + dolls

Hello, folks! I’ve gotten to 19,000 words in Amori, and…I’m stuck there. It’s so frustrating. But I’m going to do some brainstorming with my sister – see if I can get past the block. It’s not that I haven’t inspiration, it’s that I’ve written some stuff that doesn’t seem quite right. I don’t know how to get to the things I do have inspiration for. I know it’ll work out, because this story has a way of getting past the kinks, but it’s still annoying while it lasts.

In the midst of my break from Amori, I’ve been researching Integrity Toys. With all my previous doll research, you might be wondering (I know I am) why I haven’t at least considered buying one of these dolls. Well, to be honest, Tonner got me first. When I first found out about Integrity, I wasn’t used to the expensiveness of collector dolls, their website was a little lacking, and overall I just wasn’t pleased.

Oh, Tonner has its issues too. If anyone should know that, I do. After receiving one doll defective and another in pieces (it’s a long story – not as bad as it sounds, because we were able to fix the doll minutes after we found out she was broken), I have been looking for a new place to do business. But you know, Ellowyne pulled me in. Then the beautiful Deja Vu line.

The dolls themselves are high quality, beautiful, and pretty good at posing. But their characters, the company’s website, the problems with a couple of the dolls…makes me think they’re overall just mediocre. So I’m looking for an alternative other than the very, very expensive BJD. I still am planning on getting a Fairyland Minifee in the future, but even when I do, there will still be times I’ll want to play with plastic fashion dolls.

So that leads me to what this post is all about. Integrity Toys. Not as big as Tonner, I don’t think, but from what I can tell just from the Internet, perhaps more of what I like. When I read about Ellowyne Wilde’s ennui – her sorrows and woe, it doesn’t make me feel happy to have the doll. Then there’s the thing that Penelope Brewster is basically traveling through all her incarnations without really knowing what precisely is going on (I’m probably wrong about that, but that is the idea you get from reading her description). These things don’t make me feel the freedom to recreate my dolls into my own character – much less a happy one, if I so chose.

I’m not saying none of Integrity’s dolls are on the creepy side. But it seems that some of the most popular dolls are more ordinary people that have a thing for fashion (they are fashion dolls, of course). Poppy Parker is simply a teen model living in New York in the 1960s, Tulabelle is an influential fashion blogger, and the Dynamite Girls are a bunch of friends visiting an indie music festival. The website is nice too and it shows off the products really well.

ASOleDolls > Dynamite Girls от Integrity Toys > Нэве НАЗАД В БРУКЛИН

All of that said, have I found a doll I can’t live without? Am I completely rejecting Tonner in favor of Integrity Toys? No. In fact, if Tonner happens to come out with a beautiful Deja Vu doll, I might be persuaded to buy her if it fits the budget. Same goes for Ellowyne Wilde. But if I’m going to add to my fashion doll collection instead of saving the money for a ball jointed doll, I think I’d like to try something new.

When Integrity’s new waves of Tulabelle and Dynamite Girls come out (if they do), we’ll see what happens.

I’ll definitely keep you posted (no pun intended). ;)


The Hunger Games Barbie Doll Review

Hey there, folks! I’m back feeling much better. The Lord provided the funds for me to buy an external hard drive for my computer, so my storage won’t be an issue anymore! I realized yesterday that I haven’t been seeing any reviews of the Hunger Games Barbie dolls, so I pulled out the big camera and took an hour to get it done. As you may know, I have the Katniss Barbie that was made for the first movie, as well as the Catching Fire Katniss and Peeta. My sister has Finnick, so he shows up too. So, here we go!

Warning: For those of you who might take issue, I photographed my Katniss doll nude to show her poseability, etc.. She’s not anatomically correct, but it could still be a concern.

I’ll start with the Katniss doll they made for The Hunger Games. I’ve renamed her Kimberly to cut down on confusion.


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