The Hunger Games Barbie Doll Review

Hey there, folks! I’m back feeling much better. The Lord provided the funds for me to buy an external hard drive for my computer, so my storage won’t be an issue anymore! I realized yesterday that I haven’t been seeing any reviews of the Hunger Games Barbie dolls, so I pulled out the big camera and took an hour to get it done. As you may know, I have the Katniss Barbie that was made for the first movie, as well as the Catching Fire Katniss and Peeta. My sister has Finnick, so he shows up too. So, here we go!

Warning: For those of you who might take issue, I photographed my Katniss doll nude to show her poseability, etc.. She’s not anatomically correct, but it could still be a concern.

I’ll start with the Katniss doll they made for The Hunger Games. I’ve renamed her Kimberly to cut down on confusion.


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