Go Go

Hello. This is another quick update. About dolls.

My sister (who loves Elsa) has split the cost with me, and we’ve ordered the Frozen Fever doll set! So exciting. Will definitely post when they arrive. But even though this is pretty awesome, I have to admit…this will be my fourth Anna doll. And so it’s not so awesome as being able to get Go Go, who still isn’t back in stock. The young woman at my local Disney Store was very confident that she’d be back in, but I’ve been checking almost every day for a while. Still no sign.

And judging from past experience, I think I’ve missed my chance. That Big Hero 6 obsessed part of me thinks everyone ought to sign some kind of petition for Disney to make more of these dolls that we love, and would undoubtedly sell out fast – maybe even faster than the first batch. I mean, come on…they’re still in stock in the UK store! How crazy is that? I’ll never understand how Disney works, but I just think that a company that big really ought to be on the ball about this kind of thing. It’s very disappointing, especially because they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

Okay, end rant! Sorry about that. I just had to get it out of my system. I mean, Go Go is one of my favorite Disney characters! I’ve got so many dolls…and not her. It makes no sense. :(


Anyway, I might do a review for the new dolls, but you can be sure if I get my hands on Go Go, you’ll be the first to know. ;)


Frozen Fever Items in the Disney Store!!!

Hello, peeps! I’m doing a quick update to tell you about that Disney Store update. Frozen Fever arriving in March, they’ve released some cool new stuff in their Frozen store. Namely, new classic dolls:


I know, right? For $34.95, you can get these two together in their new outfits from Frozen Fever. I’m so pleased! They each have detailed, beautiful clothes, and might I point out…Elsa’s shoes? She finally has those ice beauties she wore throughout Frozen! Of course, Anna is just adorable. I love her little vest. Overall, I’m just really happy to see a unique new set that’s so affordable.

But still no sign of Honey Lemon and Go Go dolls in the Big Hero 6 store. I’m so sad – and actually quite worried that they’ve sold out completely and won’t be back in stock…ever. Like with the adorable talking Vanellope doll they released a few years back. You can’t find her new in the box for less than like…eighty dollars. It’s so frustrating, because I love that character and can’t get her. I’m so upset that it might be the same with Go Go now! :(

But I’ll keep my eyes open and let you know when/if there’s a change. :)

New LE Frozen Dolls!!!

Hello, everyone. Quick update for all my fellow doll-lovers! There’s a certain update that happened this morning on the Disney Store Blog, about some certain dolls that everyone in the world probably wants, and only 13,500 people are getting them. First, let me introduce a teen 17″ Elsa (edition size 5,000):

LE Elsa Doll - Frozen

And a 17″ Anna, wearing her outfit from the end of Frozen (edition size 5,000):

LE Anna Doll - Frozen

And 18″ Kristoff, also wearing his outfit from the end of Frozen (edition size 3,500):

LE Kristoff Doll - Frozen

They’re all retailing for $119.95, and going up for sale at midnight on March 4th (although I didn’t see where it says what time zone). They’re beautifully detailed and articulated, and what I wouldn’t give to have a Kristoff that can actually embrace his Anna. But I must say, I’m a little disappointed that Anna and Elsa aren’t wearing their new beautiful dresses from Frozen Fever:


These dolls will probably be gone in under an hour, as well, so I rather doubt I’ll be able to get them, even if I had a couple hundred dollars to spend on dolls. But for those of you who’d like to check them out, here’s the link!

what would a disney tabloid look like?

The Disney ChronicleI’ve seen people do this – stuff on Pinterest, around the Internet on photo hunts. Making a magazine about Disney characters as if they were real. I know that this idea is not original. But I couldn’t resist. It sounded like such fun, plus I haven’t done anything in Photoshop lately. So here we are: The Disney Chronicle. :)

Hope you like!

Tiana or no Tiana?

I’ve been wanting a Tiana doll from the Disney Store for.ev.er.

So, the Disney Store has this beautiful Tiana doll. Who comes with all sorts of accessories. And her hair comes in an awesome style. And she’s marked down 39% off. And I want her.


Well? To buy or not to buy? Lemme know what you think…