Trailer for Mockingjay Part 2!!!

It’s come! It’s finally here! The first trailer for Mockingjay Part 2! I literally had problems going to sleep last night because I was so excited. It’s terrible, I know, that I didn’t find it until yesterday. But I literally had to not think about the next movie in order to be patient, so no wonder I forgot to check for a trailer. Anyway, without further ado, here are some screen captures I got of the trailer. Having read the Hunger Games trilogy three times, I recognize just about everything in it from the book. I’m so excited!!! XD mockingjay_part_2_trailer


i knew you were trouble

“I knew you were trouble when you walked in.” The Doctor walks up to Martha Jones in the middle of a crowd and takes off his tie for no apparent reason, then has no memory of it when she meets him in the hospital. Right before the whole building is transported by aliens to the moon.

“So shame on me now – flew me to places I’d never been.” When that’s all over, Martha boards the TARDIS and is flown to all these magnificent places, back in time, into the future, to different planets.

“Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground.” It has been observed by many that you cannot have aliens without the Doctor coming to save the day. In the same way, you cannot have the Doctor come around without aliens seeking him out. So it cost Martha to love the Doctor.

The difference between the Doctor and the bad boy in Taylor’s song, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” is that the Doctor did care, and he also did the same for Martha – loved her, risked his life for her, watched out for her. So, discard the parts of the song that imply otherwise, and you have the perfect opportunity for a really great Doctor Who video.

So I that’s just what I decided to try to make. You can watch it by clicking here.